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ShowTimes, December 12 Issue (3.2MB PDF)

ShowTimes, December 13 Issue (3.6MB PDF)

The Electric Transportation Industry Conference is a new show only in name, as ETIC is a logical evolution of the NAEVI events run in past years by the Electric Vehicle Association of the Americas. The event this year reflected burgeoning interest in and successful commercialization of hybrid electric vehicles as witnessed by the Insight and Prius from Honda and Toyota, and hundreds of hybrid-electric buses now on order from Orion Bus Industries by New York City; and was of course the industry event for the nascent fuel cell vehicle industry.

The ETIC venue was Sacramento, Calif., capitol of the state with the most aggressive electric vehicle commercialization effort in the country, as a nominal 10% (and true 4%) of all vehicles sold by major automakers in California must be Zero Emission Vehicles, i.e. electrics, starting with model year 2003. West Sacramento is the home of the California Fuel Cell Partnership, a unique grouping of private companies (including automotive OEMs) and government agencies that’s to start serious fleet trials of fuel cell vehicles in 2002.

Two ShowTimes issues were composed on-site, printed overnight, and distributed free of charge December 12 & 13, 2001, covering news of the show in its California context to meeting attendees.

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