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Official Daily
News Magazine

of the
Clean Cities Conference

Don’t Stop at Banners, Booths, and Brochures
All are helpful, but ShowTimes gets your message in attendees’ hands even before you can!

With our early morning distribution, attendees are reading ShowTimes with their morning coffee, between lectures, over lunch, and throughout the day.

Can you honestly say the same about your marketing materials?
...You could if your message was in ShowTimes.


Get Your Message In Customer's Hands

ShowTimes is your best bet for getting your message to the Clean Cities Ft. Lauderdale audience. Fleet managers, transit operators, vehicle manufacturers and clean fuel and vehicle professionals — the component and fuel, and fueling services providers making clean vehicle a market reality — will all be there in Ft. Lauderdale.

ShowTimes is the best way to make sure the pacesetters in Ft. Lauderdale know that you are there too.

ShowTimes is an efficient and cost-effective tool for you to make your clean fuel or clean vehicle product or service known. ShowTimes offers the impact, reach and frequency to help you build brand leadership for your clean fuel or clean vehicle product or service.

We'll See You at Clean Cities 2004!
Will Everyone Else?

  Two Issues — May 3 & 4
Packed with Breaking News from Show
Composed On-Site & Printed Overnight
Distributed at Show Free of Charge

ShowTimes will cover breaking news at Clean Cities 2004 and will include interviews with top industry executives regarding strategic plans for their companies.

This concise "must read" will be distributed throughout the exhibition hall. Its convenient, easy-to-read portable size offers attendees a briefcase size format for ease of reading — convenient enough to take home for pass-along readership.

Spaces are Filling Up.
ShowTimes Now at (415) 979-1414

Ad Deadline

2004 Clean Cities Conference & Expo
All art for ads must be received no later than April 23, 2004.
Due to printer scheduling this year, this deadline is firm.

Ad Mechanical Requirements & Dimensions

All ad specifications are listed in our Advertising Section.

Ad Rates and Discounts for Clean Cities 2004
Conference & Expo

Rates and discounts are listed below. All advertising positioning clauses are treated as requests.

Spread $5,000   $4,500
Full Page $2,500   $2,250
2/3 Page $2,125   $1,975
1/2 Page $1,565   $1,425
1/3 Page $1000   $850
1/16 Page $700   $650
Inside Front Cover $3,125   $2,875
Inside Back Cover $3,125   $2,875
Back Cover $3,317   $3,100


Black & White 1X   2X
2/3 Page $1,500   $1,350
1/2 Page $1,125   $1,025
1/3 Page $625   $525
1/16 Page $575   $400

Advertising Questions, Insertion Orders
and Delivery of Art Files

Convention & Tradeshow News
ATTN: Kirk Fetzer
350 Townsend Street • Suite 310 • San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 979-1414 • Fax: (415) 979-1415



Publishing Dates
May 3 & 4

Advertising Deadline
Received By April 16

Artwork Deadline
Received By April 23

Clean Cities 2004 Website
For more details on Clean Cities 2003, visit the official event website.




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